How to dance the Atchapat (Ατσαπάτ)

The Atchapat is a slower version of the Serra dance and takes its name from the town Akçaabat west of Trabzon in Pontus. The Greek name of the town is Platana. The basic steps of the dance are the Tik Diplon with various additional moves including hand breaks, shoulder shrugs etc.  In Pontus it would often be danced by a large number of people in a closed circle however if only a few people were dancing it could be danced on the spot.

It was accompanied by all sorts of musical instruments and usually the daouli drum. When fewer people were dancing it was usually accompanied by the Pontic lyra without the daouli. In Akçaabat it was only danced by males however another version of the dance in the region of Maçka was danced by females also.


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