surmena 1908

Surmena 1908. Photo captioned: "10 July? 1908. The Constitution in Turkey." Possibly a celebration of the Young Turk Revolution of July 1908.

trabzon girls school 1921

 The last graduates of the Trebizond (Trabzon) Girls' School with their Maths-Physics teacher, Phillipos Himonidis. 1921.Standing from left to right: Paraskevoula Mavridou, Stergia Hatzinota, Sofia Toumbouli, Georgia Hatzikakoulidiou, Anastasia Kakoulidou. Seated from left to right: Evdokia Papazof and Stali Tousmanof. Anna Theofylaktou Collection.  Source     

Employees of a bank in Pontus (circa 1915)

trabzon girls ladies

Greek ladies and children. Trabzon, early 20th century. Athena Fyllizi-Kartasi, Lefkothea Theofylaktou, Julia Theofylaktou, Sophia-Velissaridis Kallivazi. Source
 Trapezus excursion

Wealthy Greeks embarking on an excursion. Trebizond c.1900.

  The daughters of Panayioti Kakoulidis, grandfather of Athena Makridou-Kalliga (seated: Sophia Tsouliadou, Evanthea Neofytou, Froso Velissaridou, standing: Artemisia Makridou, Evdokia Michailidou, Sevasti Thomaidou and Cornelia Kalpaxidou). Source 


 Family photo, Halva Maden, Bayburt. c1904. 


marmanis 1900

Yiannis Masmanis and Eleni Theofylaktou-Masmanis, Trabzon 1900. Source:

sinope gymnastics

 A gymnasium class in Sinope, c.1909-1910. The students are holding a staff (Gr: Kοντάρι) which is a piece of wood used in an ancient Hellenic martial art.

frontistirion gymnastics

Young men at the Trebizond Frontistirion (Preparatory School) during a martial arts class. c.1910-1911. 


macka 1950

 Matzouka (Maçka), Trabzon, 1950's Source

Pontic Greek family in Kerasus (today Giresun), 1910.  Source

 theofylaktos family geneva

Konstantinos Theofylaktos (middle) with his wife Eleni and their son Adam (right) along with their niece Athena and nephew. Geneva, c. early 20th centuey. Source.