People of Pontus

 surmena 1908

Surmena 1908. Photo captioned: "10 July? 1908. The Constitution in Turkey." Possibly a celebration of the Young Turk Revolution of July 1908.

trabzon girls school 1921

 The last graduates of the Trebizond (Trabzon) Girls' School with their Maths-Physics teacher, Phillipos Himonidis. 1921.Standing from left to right: Paraskevoula Mavridou, Stergia Hatzinota, Sofia Toumbouli, Georgia Hatzikakoulidiou, Anastasia Kakoulidou. Seated from left to right: Evdokia Papazof and Stali Tousmanof. Anna Theofylaktou Collection.  Source     

trebizond girls school

Greek students from the Trebizond Girls' School. Standing 2nd left: Valentini Theophylaktou. Colourised photo. 

Employees of a bank in Pontus (circa 1915)

trabzon ladies

Greek ladies and children. Trabzon, early 20th century. Athena Fyllizi-Kartasi, Lefkothea Theofylaktou, Julia Theofylaktou, Sophia-Velissaridis Kallivazi. Colourised by PontosWorld. Source
 Trapezus excursion

Wealthy Greeks embarking on an excursion. Trebizond c.1900.

kakoulidis daughters

  The daughters of Panayioti Kakoulidis, grandfather of Athena Makridou-Kalliga (seated: Sophia Tsouliadou, Evanthea Neofytou, Froso Velissaridou, standing: Artemisia Makridou, Evdokia Michailidou, Sevasti Thomaidou and Cornelia Kalpaxidou). Source 

georgia greeks

Pontic Greeks of Georgia: The sons of Kostas Konstantinidis of Sourmena. Seated from left; Panagiotis, Savvas and John, standing from left: Jordan, Dimitris Anestis and Theodore. In Batumi, Georgia, early 20th century. Colourised photo. Source


 Family photo, Halva Maden, Bayburt. c1904. 

trebizond women allen memomrial art museum

A group of Trebizond women, late 19th century. Collection of the Allen Memorial Art Collection

trebizond men nouri

Souvenir de Trebizonde. Editeur: O. Nouri.

marmanis 1900

Yiannis Marmanis and Eleni Theofylaktou-Marmanis, Trabzon 1900. Source:

sinope gymnastics

 A gymnasium class in Sinope, c.1909-1910. The students are holding a staff (Gr: Kοντάρι) which is a piece of wood used in an ancient Hellenic martial art.

frontistirion gymnastics

Young men at the Trebizond Frontistirion (Preparatory School) during a martial arts class. c.1910-1911. 


macka 1950

 Matzouka (Maçka), Trabzon, 1950's Source

giresun 1910

Pontic Greek family in Kerasus (today Giresun), 1910. Colourised by PontosWorld.  Source

 theofylaktos family geneva

Konstantinos Theofylaktos (middle) with his wife Eleni and their son Adam (right) along with their niece Athena and nephew. Geneva, c. early 20th centuey. Source.

kakoulidis family

Konstantinos Kakoulidis and his nieces and nephews. Colourised.

halva maden

Greeks of Halva Maden, Bayburt region. c.1904.

trebizond young greek girl

Young Greek girl, Trebizond. Date unknown. Colourised by PontosWorld.

macrides family

The Macridis family with parents Christopher and Artemisia, daughter Penelope, older son George and younger son Panagiotis. Colourised. Source

greek women colourised


women pontus colourised

pontos girls col

 Colourised photo.

 pontic couple 1000

Male in western dress, female in traditional Pontic attire. Date/location unknown.

pontic couple a1000

Pontic male and female in traditional attire. Date/location unknown.

vafeiadis terra pontus 1000

Ioannis Vafiadis (seated) with his best man. Both men wearing local traditional attire with baggy breeches. Date/location unknown. Suorce


Three young ladies dressed in Pontic attire. Date/location: unknown. Source:  

Lazaros and Maria Mavromati from Giresun (Gr: Kerasunta). Source

samsun family bw

Greek family from Samsun (Gr: Amisos). Source: Pinterest

spyridon ioannidis kars europeana

Family portrait of religious cleric Spyridon Ioannidis of Kars. Photo: Ερευνητικό Κέντρο Αθήνα (Research Center Athens). Source

eleftheriadis couple 1892 ordu

Wedding photo of the Elftheriadis couple from Ünye (Gr: Oinoy), 1892. Photo: Odyseas Dasoulas. Epitropi Pontiakon Meleton, Greece. Source
 girls pontic attire color

girl pontos bw 1000

Girl from Pontos in traditional attire. Photo: Cacoulis brothers. Source: Ιστορική & Εθνολογική Εταιρεία της Ελλάδος. Source 

kerasunta foresia

Traditional female Pontic attire from Kerasunta (Giresun). Source

local dress pontos cacoulis

Male costumes from the wider Pontos region. From left: Caucasian, Georgian and Laz male. Photo: Cacoulis Brothers. Source

married couple trebizond pierre de grigord

Paysan et Paysanne des environs de Trebizond, Mer Noire (Peasant man and peasant woman from the surroundings of Trebizond, Black Sea. Date: c. 1885-1895. The ethnicity of the married couple is not specified. Source
 paysan et trebizonde 1000 bw

Paysan de Trebizond. Photographer unknown. Source

anatolia black sea 3 men 1000

À Trébizonde (Anatolie, Mer Noire) [At Trebizond. Anatolia, Black Sea]. Source
 nikolaidis pileidou couple 1000

Commemorative photo of the Iordanis Alexiou Nicolaidis (from the Manzanton district of Kromni) and Eugenia Dimitriou Pileidou (born in Argyroupoli, Pontus) at the time of their engagement. Theodosia, April 12, 1906. The marriage took place in September 1906 in Theodosia, Crimea. Source

Akritidis family jerusalem 1000

The family of Georgos Akritidis of Trabzon in Jerusalem, 1900. Seated in the middle is Georgos Akritidis. To his right is his daughter-in-law Elisavet (Litta) who was the wife of his son Isaac. To his left is his sister-in-law Roudami who was the wife of his brother Konstantinos. Standing to his leftis his grand-daughter Avgi, the daughter of his son Alexandros. Source



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