Seranitsa (Σερανίτσα, Şiran)

The dance we commonly refer to as Seranitsa (or Sheranitsa/Kheranitsa) originated from a place called Şiran (Gr: Cheriana) in the Argyroupolis (Gümüşhane) region of Pontus. The dance is also called 'twenty-one' some say because the steps form the figure 21 on the ground, while others say it's because the dance historically had 21 steps to it. The dance was also known as Armenitsa in Pontus. Others believe the name was originally called twenty-one and was changed later to Seranitsa in Greece.  The dance moves to the right and is danced by both males and females. It has 16 steps with the right foot playing a leading role.

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