Step 1: We light the fire, then put the Satz (Pontian cooking pan) onto it. We put a sprinkling of sachtar (ash) on the Satz.


Step 2: We gather our utensils and ingredients. The Zymotron is used to prepare the Perek. The Forkal is used to remove the Sahtar (ash) or dust from the top of the Satz.

Ingredients include Flour, Water, Salt.


Step 3: Using the flour we start preparing the Perek


Step 4: After kneading the dough, we immediately make small balls and one by one we make thin pieces and put them on the Satz (pan).


Step 5: Perek can be served plain, or alternatively, cheese (Mitzin) can be put inside the Perek to give it more flavour.



  by santetsa