Church of Hypapante (Taşbaşı kilisesi)

One of the most prominent surviving churches in Ordu is the Church of Hypapante (Gr: Ναός της Υπαπαντής του Χρηστού, Tr: Taşbaşı kilisesi) which stands above the sea in the western area of the town. It stands on a high walled terrace and is in the form of a basilica five bays long and 3 bays wide , with three apses. According to various sources, the church was built in 1853 by local Greeks. 

An older photo of the church from the south-west.

Following the forced expulsion of Greeks from Turkey in 1922, the church was used as a prison (1937-1977). More recently the church functioned as a cultural center although a 2016 news report mentioned it would be transformed into a museum.

Ypapante ordu

 The Church of Hypapante (Tr: Taşbaşı kilisesi). Source   

The church of Hypapante (Taşbaşı kilisesi). Source


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