The following directories were published in Athens in 1928 by the Refugee Resettlement Commission (Epitropi Apokatastaseos Prosfygon) and contain a list of Ottoman Greek refugees that were expelled from their homelands in the former Ottoman Empire (today Turkey) and settled in Greece. The directories only contain the names of "the heads of rural families as well as members of families who were (according to their claims) entitled to an exchange allowance." The names of Ottoman Greek refugees who did not satisfy this criteria are not included. 

Note: The lists include Greeks from all regions of the former Ottoman Empire including Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace.

You can either view the directories online, or you can download them. Since the directories are quite large, we are providing links (see below) so you can view them online. First, find the directory based on the first letter of your ancestor's surname. In the directory, you will see the refugee's name, which region they came from, and a number. To find out where they were settled, you will need this number. Then, go to the first catalogue below, in red, titled "Catalogue of refugee numbers based on region", and you will need to search for this number to see which region they were settled in.

Catalogue of refugee numbers based on region

Surnames Aβ-Αν
Surnames Aν-Aψ
Surnames B
Surnames Γα-Για
Surnames Για-Γκα
Surnames Γκα-Γω
Surnames Δ
Surnames Ε-Ζ-Η
Surnames Θ-Ι
Surnames Καα-Καρ
Surnames Καρ-Κεσ
Surnames Κεσ-Κου
Surnames Κου-Κω
Surnames Λ
Surnames Μα-Μι
Surnames Μι-Μω
Surnames Ν-Ξ-Ο
Surnames Πα-Παπ
Surnames Παπ-Πατ
Surnames Πατ-Πωσ
Surnames Ρ
Surnames Σα-Σι
Surnames Σι-Σω
Surnames Ταα-Τοπ
Surnames Τοπ-Τσα
Surnames Τσα-Τω
Surnames Υ-Φ
Surnames Χαβ-Χατ
Surnames Χατ-Χω
Ssurnames Ψ-Ω


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