Inside Constantinople

Lewis Einstein was the late Special Agent of the American Embassy at Constantinople. The following report was dated 28th of July 1915 and refers to the persecution of the Greeks of Marmora and vicinity.

PontosWorld dictionary download

The PontosWorld dictionary contains over 500 Pontic words and is available for viewing online in the Dialect>Dictionary section of our website. It is also available as a Word document which you can download and view on your mobile phone, pc or tablet. Download the dictionary in word format by clicking here

Hiddden Genocides

Why are some genocides prominently remembered while others are ignored, hidden, or denied? Consider the Turkish campaign denying the Armenian genocide, followed by the Armenian movement to recognize the violence.

The Greek-Armenian Section: 1919-1922

Following the capitulation of Germany and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in the First World War, an armistice was signed on October 30, 1918, at the port of Mudros. Ten days after the signing, the British along with the French and Italians took control of Constantinople.

Michail Angelou 1882-1968

Michail Angelou was born in 1882 in Kiouplia in the Bithynia region of Asia Minor (current day Turkey). He married Argyro Gounaris with whom he had 2 children. He studied pharmacy in Constantinople and opened a pharmacy business in his home village.

Saint Anne of Trebizond

Saint Anne of Trebizond (Grk:  Άγια Άννα) is one of the oldest known surviving churches in Trebizond. It is built outside the city’s walls and is situated in the eastern suburb of the city, less than 100m south of St Basil.

Amisos - Σαμψούντα - Samsun

Amisos, otherwise known as Samsunta by the Greeks, is today’s Samsun, a city situated on the western shoreline of Pontus, in today’s Turkey. The name Samsunta is derived from Amisos; Eis Amison (towards Amisos) -> s’Amison -> s’Amson -> Samsun.

Επιτέλους τους ξεριζώσαμε

Το παρόν βιβλίο, στηρίζεται στις μακροχρόνιες έρευνες του Χάρη Τσιρκινίδη για την τραγωδία της Γενοκτονίας, μέσα απο τα γαλλικά πολιτικά, στρατιωτικά και διπλωματικά αρχεία..

The Neo-Turk Revolution

The French attache to Constantinople, Major Delon, described the June 1908 revolution of the Neo Turks in a reference dated October 7, 1908:

The Making of Modern Turkey

The eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire used to be a multi-ethnic region where Armenians, Kurds, Syriacs, Turks, and Arabs lived together in the same villages and cities.

Anti-racism bill in Greece forgets the Greek Genocide

An anti-racism bill was recently passed in the Greek Parliament and surprisingly there was no mention of the Greek and Armenian Genocides while the denial of the Jewish Holocaust has now become punishable.

L'extermination des Chrétiens d'Orient

French book, published anonymously in Paris in 1922, with information on deportations and massacres of Christians in Turkey, both Armenians and Greeks. The book is subtitled "Faits, documents et témoignages anglais et américains [Facts, Documents and Testimonies of British and Americans]...

Εγκυκλοπαίδεια του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού

Published in 1988, this 8 volume encyclopedia contains thousands of years of history, folklore, customs, traditions, culture as well as the social and economic life of the Greeks of Pontus, from antiquity to the present day.

Harry Tsirkinidis

Harry Tsirkinidis was born in 1938 in Lekani Kavala in Greece. His parents were refugees from Pontus, Asia Minor. He grew up during the German occupation of Greece during WW2 and the Greek Civil wars of 1946-49.









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