Krinita (Grk: Η Κρηνίτα, Trk: Çatalsöğüt) was the largest of the Christian villages in the Pontian province of Of, and comprised 70 houses and 350 residents. A second source states that the village comprised 65 houses of which 54 were Greek. The church was dedicated to the Brigadiers Michael and Gabriel. The large 3 story school which at the time had 8 classes, was the pride of the province, and was maintained by the village's residents.

In addition to the general class curriculum, the students were also taught French and Turkish. The 3rd story was comprised of one single room. Each class was taught by 2 and sometimes 3 teachers. The village had it's own Charitable Fraternity named ‘The Progress' which had an affiliation with the city of Batumi. It's last president was Panayiotis Efraimidis. In 1917 the Education Society ‘The Story' (Ο Πελαργός) was founded however it only lasted till 1922.

The main form of employment for it's residents was agriculture, although some were active merchants and others were metallurgists and made metal farming tools. As was common in many parts of the eastern region of Pontus, many fled to neighbouring Russia overnight, during the cover of dark.

When the Turks began the general slaughter of the Christians of the Of province, the first village to fall victim was Krinita.


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  Satellite Map of Krinita




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