Kirkharman (Grk: Κίρκχαρμαν, Trk: Kirkharman Yaylasi) is located on the side of the Kiov Tepe mountain range. It was made up of 350 residents who had their own church, named after the Prophet Elias, and a school. Most of the village's residents were drivers or guides. The village was built in the mid 1700's during the time in which the steel mines of the region were in operation. In 1915, the village was burnt down by Turks, causing the residents to flee to neighbouring villages.

In 1916, the residents were deported by the Turks and the few that survived, were involuntarily sent to Greece as part of the Exchange of Populations between Greece and Turkey. 















An old church in Kirkharman believed to be that of the Prophet Elias.

Note: There are 5 places in Turkey with a name of Kirkharman.  PontosWorld believes that the one which is described in this article to be Kirkharman Yaylasi which is the one which is closest to Giresun. For that reason, we believe the above church to be that of the Prophet Elias. 


The Encyclopedia of Pontian Hellenism

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