Giorgos Kandilaptis-Kanis was born in Argyroupoli (Gümüşhane) Pontos in 1881. He graduated from the Argyroupolis College in 1899-1900 and became a teacher of the municipality. He taught in schools of the region while at the same time offering his services to Hellenism in various positions including that of Member of Delegates for exams, Secretary of the Metropolis of Chaldia, organiser and director of cultural organisations, representative of his fellow countrymen during the period of the Exchange of Populations, as well as other positions.

From the time he graduated as a teacher (1899 and onwards) he began writing the history of his region and collected valuable information about it's folklore and popular poetry. He studied the monasteries and fortresses of Chaldia, and rewrote many secret codes. He published the books Ξυνωρίς και Εαρινόν Ρόδον (Trapezus 1911 and 1913) as well as many articles in the newspapers Φάρος της Ανατολής (Lighthouse of Anatolia) of Trapezus, and Αργωναύτης (Argonaut) of Batumi.

During the dramatic period of the Exchange of Populations he managed to save and transport to Greece many historical and folkloric heirlooms from the Holy Monasteries and the Metropolis of Chaldia, the remains of the The Great Emperor of Trapezus, Alexius, and the eminent library of Argyroupolis ‘Kyriakidis'.

In Greece he taught for the municipality of Imvros until his retirement. Among his other accomplishments he was was decorated twice by the State, as well as winning other distinctions and honours. He continued writing books of which 10 were published, as well as many monographs, and articles which were published in educational journals and newspapers. He died in 1971 and was buried in Alexandroupoli.

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