Theodoros Pavlidis (1957-2003) was born on the 10th of November 1957 in Yiannohori, Naoussa in Greece. He was the eldest of 3 sons. In 1982 he married Anastasia and together they had 2 sons, Leonida and Stathi. His first contact with music was through the Byzantine chants of his grandfather. He was to later study at the religious school of Edessa. The public first heard him sing alongside Christos Karipidis although his career officially started when he was discovered by renowned kemenche player Nikos Ioannidis.

He sang at the many music venues of that era throughout the entire Central Macedonia as well as at the venue LEMONA in Athens. His first official recording came at the age of 16 with the album titled PONTUS AWAITS with record label PANIVAR.
His recording breakthrough came when music label VASIPAP produced an album titled TA SEVNTALIDIKA (#1 and 2) with Pavlos Kalaitzidis (aka Pavlaki Dramino). His long career in Pontic music saw him performing alongside many greats of that era including Sofia Papadopoulou, Panayiotis Aslanidis, Anestis Moisis, Yiannis Tsanakalis, Kostas Siopis, Babis Kemanetzidis, Stelios Halkidis and many others. He was also highly regarded throughout the music industry as being a man of character.

On the 17th of May 2003 he was invited to perform at club KSENITEAS in Bielefeld, Germany with kemenche player Fanis Kourouklidis. This was to be his last touring performance. In the autumn of 2003 he signed up with the MITHRIO venue where he was to perform with Kourouklidis. The premiere which was announced as being Friday the 3rd of October 2003 went ahead, however without Pavlidis' presence.

Just after midnight (00:25) on Wednesday the 17th of September 2003 Theodoros Pavlidis was fatally injured in a road accident 17 kilometres from Serres on a return trip from Thessaloniki. He left behind a long list of hit songs which remain in wide circulation today both on radio and CD. Some of his unforgettable hits include; TO NIXTOPOUL, TO AKRITOPAID', TO PAIDI TOU PONTOU, PARAKATH KE MOUXAPET, O KOTSA NASTAS, as well as the club song of PAOK soccer club.



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